Ever since I can remember I’ve been known as the quiet girl in class.  At the beginning of the year I like to have a clean slate. For the most part I don’t have many friends at the beginning of the school years. That changes though. Once school starts I like to keep to myself, I am a naturally shy and quiet person but don’t let that fool you I have an over active personality. Once you get to know me you will love my bubbly personality and my very unique laugh. You will also learn that my life consists of me, my two brothers, Andrew and David, my mom Paulette, my dad Charles, and my dog Rex.  

  My friends are fun just like me. I usually hang out with people who like to have a good time but know when to be quiet. People who know what’s appropriate and what’s not. I guess you could say I’m a girl with priorities. My friends don’t see me very much and I don’t usually hang out with my friends. Most of the people I become friends with need to know a couple of things. First I am hardly ever home. Second I am never home on the weekends and If I am it’s a miracle. Third my life consists of school, my violin, swim practice, Family, then friends in that exact order.  

   I’m a very active person. I used to ice-skate and dance. Then I decided to try basketball but that didn’t end very well because I’m not very coordinated. After basketball I decided to take up the swim team. I am a very competitive person if you say I can’t do something I do it just to prove to you that I can. I am in ninth grade and I am on the varsity swim team. My first year on the team I went to states because I was motivated to show everyone I could.  

  If I’m not swimming then I’m playing my violin. I am fifteen and I’ve been playing my violin for twelve years. I play in the Pinckney High School orchestra and I also compete in the yearly solo and ensemble competition. This competition you play for a judge and you get ranked in the state there are three divisions and so far I’ve gotten a division one every year. I’ve also taken part in the All State orchestra and I am currently in the Michigan Youth Symphony Orchestra.  

   I am a very dedicated person and I love to help people. I have priorities and I know how to use them. When I graduate from high school I would like to attend the University of Michigan’s school of fine arts and get a teaching degree so I can become an orchestra teacher when I get out of college. I would also like to minor in education of history.  Id like to pursue my carriers as soon as possible so I can support myself and live a happy healthy life without having to rely on other people for the rest of my life.