Becoming a teacher has always been an ambition of mine and teaching what I love would be even better. I would like to go to school and major in Music Education. I learned a while ago that not a lot of schools have an orchestra program or even a band program. It would be wonderful if I could go to school and get my teaching degree so I can teach kids things maybe I missed out on when I was in school or just help them along in school my enhancing their lives with a musical instrument. If I get enough experience maybe I could find a school district that doesn’t have a music program and start one there. I am Fifteen years of age and I have been playing my violin since I was three.

    I have accomplished a lot with my violin and I hope to share my accomplishments with others. I have played in the Michigan All State orchestras. I have attended Blue Lake Fine Arts came two years in a row. Since I was three till about four summers ago I have attended the Baldwin Wallace Suzuki camp. This year I am going to the Baldwin Wallace Chamber music and orchestra camp. In the future I hope to attend Interlockins fine arts camp. I was the first violinist to make it into the Michigan Youth Symphony Orchestra in Pinckney. I have played with some of the best conductors such as Arie Lipsky, and Anthony Elliot. I attended privet lessons every Monday and the Solo and Ensemble competitions every April and March with a Division one placement every time.

    I am a very dedicated person and will do what it takes to achieve what I believe in.  I see no obstacles standing in my way except for money, but who doesn’t see money as an obstacle! I hope to take out student loans, get many scholarships, help from my family and ill get a job so I can have enough money to support myself. This field requires about four years of school and one year of student teaching.

    Below are some pictures of Nile Wilson, Anthony Elliot and Arie Lipsky Also underneath that is a Google presentation about the school I would like to attended: