Microsoft Word

       Microsoft word is a very useful program. Even though I am not a very fast typer I get the job done and I know how to use the program. I can eight a research paper properly I also know how to make a resume and cover letters. I can create memos and information letters. I know how to format a paper by changing font’s sizes, and colors. I can change margins on papers, add boarders, insert tables, and pictures. I can add headers, footers, footnotes. I have learned a lot this year. I learned how to change the font to all caps without going back and erasing everything. I learned how to add things to the dictionary and how to find out how many words, phrases, letters and paragraphs are in a paper. It a easy program that’s not hard to use and its there if you need it.

Microsoft Excel

      This program would be useful if you are on a budget or you just need to keep track of some money. This program designs spread sheets. I am proficient in the making of different table and charts. I can format cells change colors of fonts and cells. I can use auto formatting and auto sum buttons along with calculating different formulas and charts. This yea I have leaned how to find the different auto sum buttons and use them efficiently. Also I have learned that you can use different functions for different information. So for using money or keeping track of large numbers this is a good place to stay organized.

Here is a spread sheet i designed earlier in the year:

 Cooperate spread sheet


Microsoft Access

    Access is a great database creating program. If you need a chart for an upcoming event. Or for work if you need to keep up to date on your co-workers information this is a good place to do it. Unlike excel though you can create a table with a report, form or query. This program is very useful if you know how to use it. This year I have leaned that you need a primary key on ever chart and also that you don’t need to back into the chart to change information. You can change the data type from text to currency, number, letter, yes, no, there are all kinds of options. So if you ever need a check list or a chart this is a great place along with excel to keep yourself in check.

Database Example:

Alysa Vending Services

Google Docs

    Google Docs is a great program if you are doing a school project. It is an online program where more than one person can work on the presentation while you can see what the other people are accomplishing. This program works in real time so what one person dose the other will be able to see and change as soon as the enter it. It is quite easy to use and there aren’t many steps to using it. I have enjoyed this year learning how to upload photos, and shapes to incorporate in my projects. This is a very helpful group project program. Even if you don’t enjoy group projects like me. If someone doesn't finish their part you can go in and finish it for them or right on their slide and tell them to hurry up!PowerPoint may be different but its pretty much the same. PowerPoint has more tools but you cant work together on a project and see what the other people are doing so in my opinion Google docs is the better choice.


      Even though I am a freshman in high school I am taking a sophomore math class. In eighth grade I tested out of the math class there and into algebra Geometry one. This year I am taking Algebra and Geometry Two. So this means next year when the majority of the freshmen become sophomores they will be taking AG2 and I will advance to F.A.A.T.S. which is Formal Advanced Algebra, Trigonometry, and Statistics. This year I have learned how to use and Wright matrices, exponents,  ratios, explicit and recursive formulas.

here is an example test:

Social Studies

       History is probably my favorite subject. This class appeals to me more than anything else I do during the school day. I find every topic interesting and fun to learn about. I soak everything up like a giant sponge. To me the most fascinating topics are the great depression and the Holocaust.  I’ve read pretty much any book you can think of that’s about Ann Frank and Hitler. I find the whole concept of Nazi’s interesting and I think getting into the mind of Hitler would be amazing. Currently I am learning about the Vietnam War and the Cuban missile crises before. I hope to minor in History when I go to college so I can teach history and the wonderful things it has to offer to other people just like me.

Last but not least some social studies:
Great Depression Test