My Hats

In my life i wear many hats. Metaphorical hats that is. I am a big sister, daughter, friend, romodel, trend setter, musician, and a just all around hard worker.

Big Sister

    I have two younger brothers, Andrew and David. They are a pain most of the time but i know how much they look up to me. For example my brothers went on a field trip to see an Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra Concert and when they got home my mom told me that David had told his teacher, his big sister (ME!) could play violin better then them. I pick on them, call them names, but they ant all that bad. Sure they do things to get on my nerves but they listen when they need to and are quiet if they are eating, which is a lot,  or they are getting in trouble. I also know they care because they copy everything i do.  I started playing the violin so now they play the violin, we go to McDonald's, i get a big mac they get big macs, it gets a little annoying but i try not to say anything and just remember what it means!

Role Model

    If you asked most people what i do they will either say working or helping other people. Being one of the older kids on the Pinckney recreational swim team a lot of the young kids thing i am incredible. I have to watch what i say and do. its not so much that I'm scary but because they think I'm so amazing they will listen to what i have to say. Also this summer i am teaching violin lessons to a girl in my neighborhood who decided she wanted to take orchestra in school next year. I am also a girl scout. We do all kinds of things to help the community and to show younger kids that its fun. being a remodel is hard work but in the end its  worth it.


     "Practice makes perfect!" That's what my parents used to tell me when i didn't want to play my violin. I love music. i listen to it in the car on the bus at school anywhere i possibly can. I also enjoy showing people that tell me i cant do things to watch and learn. Most of the things i have done in my life people have told me that it wasn't good enough or i wasn't going to get this or go there. I have played my violin in many beautiful places. Including Hill Auditorium, Baldwin Wallace conservatory, and downtown Grand Rapids in the middle of winter. its fun to be able to travel and see new places with my violin but the pure joy i get from watching the smiles i put on peoples faces when i prove them wrong or they are just enjoying the music beats anything in the whole wide world!


     I don't get to hang out with my friends very much but when i do we have a blast! I love meeting new people. I may be shy but if you look fun and easy to talk to then i will probably confront you unless you talk  to me first. My friends are crazy and wild just like me but there is something special about each one of them. I have friends at school, friends on the swim team, and friends in the orchestra. i don't belong to a certain click as one might say because i don't like to stereotype people. I hang out with emo kids, popular kids, weird kids, quiet kids, loud kids, pretty much anyone who can have a good time. I am such a good friend some of my friends consider me like their sister. i can keep a secret, listen and comfort you if you need help i can cheer you up or cry along with you whatever fits at that time and place. No one can have to many friends  and you can never be to old to appreciate what your friends do for you.